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Retention for small fitness business is the lifeline to ongoing success and growth. We help stem the flow of membership decline by creating unforgettable, life-changing experiences with group exercise.

Fitness Business Owners

Our Studio Retention Guide is your first stop in understanding the strategies that keep members long term. 90 minutes of self-paced, yet supported learning begins your journey of retention. With 5% gains in retention leading to the possibility of a 25-90% increase in profit in your first year, this is a not to miss introduction to the world of Experience.

“The two biggest reasons members return to a class is because of the instructor and the music

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With a cumulative 25+ years of industry experience, Emma & Vanessa have tried and tested many methods, practices and strategies so you don’t have to. The number one thing they always return to is delivering exceptional experiences in group exercise.

Take the big step in your retention journey with our small group, 12-week business internships, wherever you are in the world.

Instructor Training Packages

Online Advanced Instructor Module 1


3 months expiry

Online Advanced Instructor Module 2


3 months expiry

LIVE Instructor Up-skilling Workshops

LIVE – Online or Face to face

Book 1 month in advance

Founded in 2020 by Emma Masters & Vanessa Leone as a complete group exercise solution.

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