About Us

Who we are…

Hi! Emma & Vanessa here. With a collective 25+ years teaching, managing, consulting, internationally presenting & educating everything group exercise, we realised how much we could give back to the industry. With the fitness landscape changing as rapidly as it is, we provide education for the innovative, experience based facility and instructor to ensure they are staying relevant in today’s and tomorrow’s group fitness world.

We believe there is no better way to deliver community, culture and complete life transformation than through exceptional group exercise experiences. This education is essential for anyone delivering group exercise: whether that be big box style, class boutiques or even small group personal training. This education takes the “style” out of what you teach (eg. Pilates, HIIT, Barre) and gives you the fundamental skills that are not taught in Cert III or any other qualification. These skills are transferable to any business and to any class you may want to teach or include.

We welcome you to join us in a journey from Exercise to Experience!

Emma & Vanessa

Emma Masters

Emma is sugar and spice and everything in between as well as nice. Emma brings performer training, group exercise business acumen and an unique ability to connect with everyone to the table.

She wants to change the world through connection and experience. When you have participated in one of Emma’s classes you never forget it. Her ability to teach others how to do the same in next level.

Her experience working in big box gyms, boutique spaces and educating instructors world wide has led to her be the go to for all things group exercise in Australia and Asia.

Vanessa Leone

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Vanessa is the unique intersection of loving the science and theory behind everything and bringing the energy. Vanessa brings her exercise science degree, extensive personal training experience and problem solver mindset to the table.

She wants to change the world by helping people fall in love with movement and exercise. Her ability to transform your long term training and group exercise classes is taking the industry to a new level.

Her experience working for herself, in big box gyms as well as educating instructors world wide has led her to become a Master Trainer in many products and training modalities throughout Australia and Asia.