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Fitness Business Competition Vs. Collaboration

Choosing to write this article today with the offical launch of the platform FitWell is genuinely pure coincidence! I will come back around to FitWell shortly, because I really want to dive into my view of the current state of the fitness industry. If you are constantly wondering why the fitness industry is one of the most competitive markets out there, you are probably asking the same questions I am.

Is your best instructor the reason your members are leaving?

I get it, your best instructor is like the popular girl/guy at school. They have a fan club and everybody wants to be their friend, their classes are booming, and on face value they have one of the top occupancy scores in the club. However, there is a potential issue that your reporting system will miss; an issue I like to call ‘back row churn.’

Retention – the overlooked KPI for Group Fitness Success

How long do you want your members to attend your facility for? 1 month? 1 year? This question seems so simple yet is rarely ever asked in fitness businesses. Personal trainers & coaches are so good at setting new goals for clients and working towards reaching them, do you do it for your group classes and members? This article is designed to help you understand how to set a retention goal for your facility so you can measure your success and the success of your members.


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