Retention is the missing link in many fitness businesses to level up or to continue a thriving, long-lived venture.

“Increasing Retention by 5% can lead to a profit increase of 25-90%.”

– Glowfox, 2019 article & review.

The Retention Handbook

What is the secret to keeping your members coming back time and time again?

The answer is to give your staff and members an excellent experience every time. This is the first piece of the Retention puzzle. Exercise to Experience provides self-paced learning within a supportive online community. It’s hard to do this alone, so we created a space to ask questions, take it at your own pace and begin to understand the Retention journey.

We take you step by step on where to begin looking in your facility to increase Retention. With a downloadable manual and videos to refer back to, this guide continues to give golden nuggets of information as well as practical steps for implementation.

Enjoy a life-time membership to a group of like-minded individuals and similar businesses sharing their stories, experiences and wins.

$149 AUD inc. GST

“There was a wealth of information and personal experience shared by Vanessa and Emma. Their passion for the industry transcended any limitations zoom presented, and they were able to expertly communicate complex techniques and give practical applications for every section of content. Being new to the fitness industry, I feel like I am now equipped with an abundance of knowledge, both in the science and experience of group fitness, that I am able to readily implement in my classes. This course has also inspired me to continue my learning in this field and continue to deliver an amazing Group Experience.”

— Anonymous feedback upon completion of Module 1 & 2

“The Exercise to Experience coursework with Emma & Vanessa is something every group facility needs to do to level up, stand out and make an impact in the fitness industry. I loved learning from the years of industry experience both Emma & Vanessa have and being able to receive really detailed feedback has in turn, allowed me to keep developing. For me it has filled a lot of gaps that were missing in previous instructor trainings & I couldn’t recommend more that you just do it! You’ll have a blast and learn so much!”

— Corinne Blight, Fitness Australia Group Exercise Instructor of the Year 2021