How to keep the team with great culture

“Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees” – Betty Thompson. Culture really is or should be your number one focus in any business. As a fitness business consultant, often, I see a huge emphasis placed on creating amazing culture with members, however, I see it missing when it comes to the company and their team.

Create a team to excel your business

Our last few blogs have all been about recruitment – the ‘how to recruit’ more specifically. What’s often not talked about in the fitness industry is what do you need to recruit for to create a team that excels? I am not talking about team culture, that’s coming next edition. I am talking about a team that produces results, has clear job descriptions and who can harmonise working to their strengths. 

Successfully Onboarding New Instructors

If you search for onboarding practices online, there are over 22 million hits that come up. However, a majority of these articles and strategies focus on onboarding in an office setting. While we can take some of these practices and strategies, the physical implementation of these into the fitness industry can be challenging and confusing. We are going to give you some simple steps to follow to ensure a much more smooth onboarding process. 

Group Exercise Auditions – what are they and are they necessary? 

So, you’re hiring and from our previous article you know what you’re looking for. But, what should the process be when it comes to recruiting your next team member? My favourite way is through Group Exercise Auditions.

Hiring – what to look for in instructors

Talent is hard to come by, believe me I know. I have been recruiting instructors over the last 12 years across multiple countries, I have consulted for clients who have the same ongoing issues; finding the right people is no easy feat! So what exactly should you be looking for when it comes to recruiting your instructor team?

Hiring a two way street Part 1: Instructors how to choose the right business

The fitness industry is currently experiencing one of the biggest instructor shortages in recent times. Applying for anything and everything is never a good option, but particularly when instructors currently have the ability to be a little more choosy with where they work. Instructors and businesses alike will benefit from this two-part article to understand what perks and pitfalls can make or break the hiring cycle. 

The Group Exercise Business Journey Series

So instead of searching, we at Exercise to Experience are going to create this resource for you. We are going to bring you 17 articles delivered once a month that take you from start to finish in your group exercise business. We have teamed up with the amazing humans at Active Management to bring this to as many people as possible. We want to be the supportive, intelligent best friend for your business to grow because that is our passion.

Are your cues driving your members towards success?

There is one thing above all things I drill when I educate trainers. Make your members feel successful. Ultimately, if your members do not walk away from your class with that feeling, there’s a very high chance they won’t be coming back. Whereas success  – that feeling, we want to chase. We will hunt that feeling down!

Does your class programming discriminate?

This post is an open question to the entire fitness industry and will be asked in a two part series. So what could I possibly mean by discriminatory programming? Are you a fitness business who claims they are for anyone? Are you a fitness business who runs a predominate class based offering? Let’s dive a little deeper…